Discovered: Ed Dowie

Late last year some may remember I went on a bit of a marathon of open mic nights in London. To force oneself into grubby Camden pubs full of disinterested people on cold winter nights, coupled with the omnipresent image of the home fire burning, was a daunting prospect. Much to my delight however, I found the experience rather rich. I’ve talked about my love for open mic nights before, so I shan’t go into that again here.

Ed Dowie, supporting Marmaduke Dando at The Stags Head in Hoxton, July 24th 2014

Ed Dowie, supporting Marmaduke Dando at The Stags Head in Hoxton, July 24th 2014

I have been meaning though to present to you one intriguing character I met on the circuit back then. I met Ed Dowie at the bar of The Abbey in Kentish Town as we were both waiting for our slot for the night. Getting bumped down the list by the usual prima donnas who couldn’t possibly wait around until last, we had a few beers and chatted lightly.¬† Ed wasn’t like the other open mic participants that night. He had no guitar. In its place he was carrying a mighty suitcase full of gear.

He wheeled it up to the stage as if through an assault course for the last slot of the night. With¬† pressure mounting from the soundman who, naturally, just wanted to go home early on a Wednesday night, and seeing all this equipment lurching towards him, with multiple ins and outs…a potential techno ball of complexity waiting to fail at one intermittent connection. Ed calmly put his hardware in sequence and plugged in.

And it was a rare sound to hear, at open mic nights, or any given place. Real sounds forced through vocoders, delays and high pass filters, over layed with what his hands were playing on the keys. At one point he took out a piece of flimsy acetate, the type of thing they used to use at school on the Over Head Projector. The entire room was thinking, “What on earth is he going to do with that?”. The wibble wibble from the plastic sheet was turned into something other-worldly.

And “other-worldly” is really how to describe the music from of Ed Dowie. Taking the baton from Vangelis and running round London with it in a mammoth trailing suitcase…it is something that must be heard.

And heard it will be, as Ed will be joining the line up for our single launch at The Stag’s Head on July 24th, 2014. More details can be found here

If you only listen to one song, make that song “Meadow Song”.

Listen to Ed Dowie’s latest release below from The Adjustable Arm E.P.

Check out Ed Dowie in full here: